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San Antonio River walk in texas

San Antonio river walk is a number 1 attraction of Texas. It is a network of different path of walking along with the banks of San Antonio river and one story under the streets of downtown, Texas USA. River walk is a very much famous for tourist attractions.If we talk about today's situation about this place then River walk is immensely successful place of Texas for tourists. 

Attractions of San Antonio River walk

  • Rivercenter Mall

Rivercenter Mall in san antonio

  • The Arneson River Theatre

Arneson River Theatre
  • Marriage Island
Marriage Island in San Antonio

  • La Villita

La Villita A Historical village

  • HemisFair Park
Hemisfair Park Waterfalls

  • Tower Life Building
Tower Life Building view from San Antonio riverwalk

  • San Antonio Museum of Art
San Antonio museum of Art at riverwalk

  • Pearl Brewery

Pearl Brewery

So friends above all are the tourist attractions of San Antonio which can be visited during San Antonio Riverwalk. Make sure to give entire day for this riverwalk because according to me if you really want to see each and everything then full day is also not enough for San Antonio Riverwalk. I hope this post is helpful to everyone. Have a nice day. 

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Buckingham Palace in London, United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace is the home of England's Queen. Buckingham Palace is the official London residence. It is also used for administrative work. Buckingham Palace is the administrative headquarters of the monarch. The queen and The Duke edinbrough live in the private rooms at the north side of the palace. Queen and Duke are not the only royal person who live in Buckingham Palace. Other members of the royal family also live in that palace. Other members live in the upper floor rooms at the north and east side of Buckingham Palace. Household staff uses ground floor and south wing of the Palace.
Buckingham Palace

Court Ceremonies are done at the principal state rooms. Main west block of the Buckingham palace facing the garden is occupied by official entertaining activities. Approximately over 50,000 visitors came to the Buckingham Palace as a guest. Too many receptions held at Buckingham palace. Among them The diplomatic reception is the main diplomatic social event of the year at London. It is the largest reception among all the receptions which are held at Buckingham palace. Approximately from 130 countries, over 1500 people are invited to this diplomatic reception.
Buckingham Palace

 Royal Collection is also available at the Buckingham Palace. Queen Victoria was the first queen of the United Kingdom who lived in the Buckingham Palace. All the royal ceremonies are organized at the Buckingham Palace. From small lunches to mega receptions are held in this Buckingham Palace. Hope that this information about Buckingham Palace is useful to you.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Statue Of Liberty in New York, USA

Statue Of Liberty is a national monument of the USA. It is located at Liberty Island, New York, USA. During the American Revolution, Friendship is established between France people and the American People. In memory of their friendship France people gave the statue in gift to the USA people in 1886. Symbol of Statue of Liberty conveys a message of Democracy, Freedom and International Friendship.

Statue Of Liberty

 French Sculptor Auguste Bartholdi was assigned to design the statue of liberty in 1876. Statue Of Liberty is made by combined effort of France and United States of America. They divided construction in two parts. In the construction of  the Statue of Liberty, money was the problem. Too much money was required for make a statue with full iron. The American people decided to take fund for the Statue of Liberty. All American people donated for the Statue.

Statue Of liberty

Auguste Bartholdi needed an assistant to solve the designing issue of this sculpture.  Alexandre Gustave Eiffel has helped in the construction of the Statue of Liberty. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was the designer of the Eiffel Tower. In 1885 financing for the pedestal was completed. After that in 1886 Pedestal was completed. In 1996 France and USA had celebrated 100th birthday of Statue of Liberty. Statue of Liberty is such a wonderful sculpture in the world. People form all over the world came to New York to see the Statue Of Libery. We Suggest you just go for seeing the Statue of liberty once. We hope that this article is helpful to you.

Four Seasons Resort In Bora Bora Island

four seasons resort bora bora
  All of you know that Bora Bora is the most Romantic Island in the world. Among all islands Couples prefer Bora Bora first to enjoy their Honeymoon. Bora Bora is also famous for adventures done by Travelers in Bora Bora. But where to stay? is the biggest problem in every trip. In Bora Bora there is a Four seasons resort is famous for stay in their. Four seasons Resort is also known as spa resort. You might be thinking that why spa resort? Let me tell you that If you stayed in four seasons resort and not took the treatment of Four seasons resort's award winning spa then your journey is said to be incomplete. And because of this thing Four Seasons resort is also known as The Spa resort.Here In this post i will tell you about why people prefer Four seasons resort to stay in Bora Bora? what are the people's review about this resort?

Rooms in four seasons resort
   First,Let me tell you that Four seasons resort is the best vacation and honeymoon destination with Beautiful Mountain view and awesome lagoon in Bora Bora island.  You might be thinking that why this resort is famous among celebrities, Travelers and couples? Reason for that is Luxurious over water Bungalows for accommodation, Awesome sunset and mountain  views. Romantic Dinner with your love mate.  Four seasons resort providing best services. You can took a private pool and over water Bungalow. From your over water bungalow you can see beautiful mountain views and Awesome lagoon. even you can see the fishes and turtles from your room as seen in image.  As i heard from many people Four seasons resort is wonderful. They providing extraordinary services. Four seasons resort is the best place to enjoy your vacations.

Swimming Pool at Four seasons resort bora bora
    At last keep in mind that you have to book bungalows and all services very early then your trip. In vacations and honeymoon seasons hotel often books up before a year. So i suggest you to booking in advance to take the advantage. Have a nice day.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Tips for People Looking for Colorful Places in India

If you want to be in a colorful place, India has something in store for you. Colorful places can make your heart happy. The mélange of colors that are available at the doorways in Diwali with the Rangoli can provide a splash of colors on the Holi festivity. The colors will bind you, it will bring you closer to each other and it is also the language that is very usual among people. Your most loved country is a mixture of colors that makes it what it must be. What are you waiting for?

The Placid colors of Nainital in Uttarakhand 


The Lake District in India along with the vibrant jewel in the Uttarakhand state lives beautifully with the different colors and glimpse. The surfaces of this marvel of the city have been made beautiful by the lakes where the boats and the yachts are situated with the waves. When the sun shines up over the lake, the lake reflects back the diamonds and then turns the entire place into a paradise. There is a mall road where the souvenirs are available like the cloths weaved from around India. This place is just the best for those who are looking for a colorful place. Come online and look for Makemytrip coupons.

The Pondicherry, French Colony


The French colonies of Pondicherry are a remnant of its own legacy. The cobbled streets are so pretty and calming. This is the best for travelers looking for a beautifully colored place. The streets as well as the houses are truly worth visiting. They still reflect the old architecture. 

Mcleod Ganj of Himachal Pradesh 

Mcleod Ganj

This place offers you a calming environment. In this place you can meditate and renew your spirit too. This place is the home of the Tibetan government seat in exile. It is the place that is opted by a lot of people who have been so tired of their daily lives. This place is the best for those who would like to be closer to nature or those who wants to go back to basic. Sometimes they get tired and fed up of their city lives that they look for places that can help in renewing their spirits. 

Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh (holy colors)

Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh

The festival of colors is what you must see in India if you want to see a colorful world around you. You must go to Vrindavan. This is an old city on the Yamuna River banks. It was said to be the hometown of the Indian Lord Krishna. Anyone across the globe head on to India to witness this festivity. This may be celebrated regardless of the religion, sex, race and language, because everyone who will join will surely love this festival and will experience the divine love. 

These places offers you beautiful environment that you cannot find in other parts of the globe. The Makemytrip flighttickets offers will help you book for flight without spending a lot of money. 

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