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Friday, 23 August 2013

Adventures of Bora Bora - Parasailing , 4 x 4 Safari , Hiking and climbing

  Raj       Friday, 23 August 2013
     In my previous post i told you about how much romantic and peaceful place is Bora Bora Island. But There are too many people in the world who don't want only sun shine, Sun set and peaceful place. They want some adventures things to do in their life. And for achieving that thing people starts traveling to many adventures places of the world.  I think few people might be unaware about adventures. So for those people let me tell you that what is Adventure? What Am i know about Adventure is that An adventure is exciting and Unusual experience which include some risk and uncertain outcome. Because of Adventures your life can become full of thrill. So it is the meaning of Adventure what i know. We were talking about Bora bora before i am telling you the meaning of Adventure. So friends Bora Bora is not only the beautiful place. You can do too many adventures in Bora Bora. And because of that Bora Bora island is also known as Adventures place and going to there is dream of every traveler. Parasailing , Scuba Diving , Travel in 4 x 4 Safari , Hiking and Climbing , are the adventures of Bora Bora. All these adventures you can do in Bora Bora Island.   

Adventures of Bora Bora

Parasailing In Bora Bora

Parasailing in Bora bora
       Parasailing is the adventure which you can do in Bora Bora. Amazing thing about Parasailing is that There is no age limit for do this adventure. Anyone can do Parasailing In Bora Bora. Experience of Parasailing Takes just 10 - 15 minutes But those 15 minutes becomes memorable moments of your life and you cannot forget those filling which you have experienced in Parasailing. I know that it's too costly but as i think at least for once you have too spend that much money to experience the parasailing. 
Parasailng in Bora Bora

       First you have to wear the parachute and sit in boat. When boat captures its speed and jumps in water your parachute opens and then you will fly in the sky. From there you can see the amazing lagoon of Bora Bora. Apart from lagoon you will be amazed by seeing that you are flying. Approximately you will fly upt 600 m from water. Parasailing is the adventure which every traveler wants to do but If you do a parasailing in couple then it becomes adventures with romance. It seems very romantic to fly with your Life Partner and look the beautiful Lagoon from 600 m above of water. So friends Parasailing is an awesome adventure which you must have to do once in your Life.

Travel in 4 X 4 Safari  

4 X 4 Safari
      Travel In 4 x 4 safari is not too much risky but  we can include it in adventures of bora bora. In bora Bora there are roads on which you can drive only 4 wheelers vehicle. These roads are cut in very danger shapes. After completion of 4 x 4 safari you are able to handle any road condition while traveling.  Local men of Bora Bora drives safari and only 4 people can sit in Safari. While traveling in 4 x 4 safari Local man of bora bora will guide you about the history and location of bora bora. As well as they will entertain you by some jokes and few funny things. During travel in safari you might be feel fear of road by just looking at it. But Your guide will tell you that don't fear, you will experience a thrill of traveling in those roads. So friends travel in 4 x 4 safari is also a wonderful adventure which everyone is dreaming to do.

Hiking and Climbing 
Hiking and Climbing

        Hiking and Climbing is also included in Adventures of Bora Bora. First of let me tell you that Hiking on  island of Bora Bora is wonderful feeling but it's limited because Bora Bora island is small with compare to other islands. Real adventure starts when you think about climbing the Steep mountains. Climbing the steep mountains is the real challenge for those people who love adventures.  Climbing those mountains are very risky but if you done it successfully then you will experience a wonderful felling. Pahia and Otemanu are the highest point of Bora Bora island and its challenging to reach at this destination. If you will go to bora bora island in future then must experience a hiking and Climbing in bora bora. 

Hiking in bora bora

        So friend here i described the adventures of bora bora which i Know. From all above adventures i must want to do a parasailing. As i think do a parasailing is a wonderful felling which you can never forgot in your life. travel in 4 X 4 Safari , Hiking and climbing are also a adventures of Bora bora which people likes more. Because of 4 X 4 safari you might become capable to handle any road situation. Hiking and Climbing is also a good adventure but this thing you can do in other place too. Remember one thing that climbing is very risky adventure so be careful while trying to climb a steep mountains of Bora Bora. Have a nice day. 

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