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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Bermuda : wonderful island for enjoy your Honeymoon

  Raj       Thursday, 5 September 2013
   Have you ever heard about Bermuda? Have you ever visited Bermuda? If No then you are at right place. Here I will tell you how much beautiful is Bermuda? For which thing Bermuda is famous? Which are the attractions of Bermuda? All this information of Bermuda i will provide you in this post. Bermuda is little island which is located in Atlantic ocean. If you wish to visit Bermuda from London then flights take just 7 hours to reach Bermuda Island. 

   I mentioned in title that Bermuda is best place for enjoy your honeymoon but do you know why it is too much famous for honeymoon?  After reading this post you will know the reason that why Bermuda is best place for Honeymoon. This 21 mile long and 1 mile wide Bermuda island looks like a necklace of Large paradise. Geometrically Bermuda is very little island but because of its wonderful beach , Charming cottages ,  Marvelous sun shine and sun rise, and Beautiful nature Bermuda is the place where people love to enjoy holidays and honeymoon.  Elbow Beach is the place where travelers and couples want to spend most of time.

Bermuda restaurant
    There is very romantic environment in Bermuda island. Everyone is dreaming to enjoy honeymoon in Bermuda island. Apart from honeymoon if we talk about local people of Bermuda then let me tell you that Bermuda's people are most friendly people in this world. They are very helpful to you while you are in Bermuda. In Bermuda there are few hotels available to stay in Bermuda. One of them is Mandarin oriental hotel which is located at Elbow beach. This hotel provides a sea view and resorts to stay. You can take two wheelers on rent from Bermuda for traveling in Bermuda island. This sea view from your room and resorts creates romantic environment which every couple wants. If you visit Bermuda in your honeymoon then your trip will be awesome and becomes memorable in your life.       

     So in the end of this article i want to tell you that Bermuda is the best place for enjoy your honeymoon in reliable cost. So if you are new couple or preparing for marriage then just try to organize your honeymoon in Bermuda island.But keep in mind that Bermuda is the island so there are adventures activities also done. I will tell you about Adventures of Bermuda in my later article. Have a nice day.

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