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Friday, 6 September 2013

Sipadan Island best place for scuba diving.

  Raj       Friday, 6 September 2013
        Sipadan Island is Located in Celebes sea 600 meters from seabed in Malaysia. If you loves scuba diving and Marine lives then you are at right destination. I know that in the world too many island available where you can do same things as in Sipadan island like Bora Bora and Ko Phi Phi. But Do you know that Sipadan Island is famous specially for scuba diving. From all of the world tourists come here for diving. Because of here's marine life Sipadan island is famous for Diving sport.
Diving in Sipadan island

            Sipadan Island is very tiny and because of that all resorts in Sipadan island are closed. You might be thinking that then where to stay in Sipadan Island? Don't worry i will tell you about this in this article. But let me tell you first about Diving sites of Sipadan Island for which it is famous. There are total 12 Diving sites in Sipadan island. Among them i will describe few popular diving Sites of Sipadan island.

Turtle Cavern 
Diving in turtle cavern
Diving in turtle cavern
             As per name There are too many turtles at this site. Because of Smaller Hawksbill Turtle and Green Turtles this Diving site of Sipadan is known as Turtle Cavern Diving site. Cavern is approximately lies 20 meters underwater where turtles lives. It is the final resting place of turtles. Diving in This turtle cavern could become very dangerous. All divers are reminded that visibility in caves reduced upto zero while exploring the cave.

Barracuda point

Diving in Barracuda point
Diving in Barracuda point
            Barracuda Point is located in North side of Sipadan island. Actually this diving site is famous because of shocking vortex of Barracuda and hence its name is Barracuda point. Danger thing here is that current can get too stronger so all divers all warned before diving that do not go very deep while diving in Barracuda Point. Barracuda point is most famous diving site in Sipadan.

Hanging Garden

Diving in Hanging garden
Diving in Hanging garden
             Hanging garden is on of the most famous diving sites of Sipadan. Actually It is the best site for snorkeling , Underwater photography and Free diving. You cant' believe that in just one dive you can see more then 50 to 0 turtles along with Whitetips , Reef sharks. Diving in Hanging garden is an awesome experience for any divers. 

Where to Stay in Sipadan Island?

                As i said above that All resorts in Sipadan island are closed by Malaysia government. So there is no place to stay in Sipadan island but you can stay in one of the islands which are nearer to Sipadan island.       

                   So friends Sipadan island is very beautiful island and best place for divers. If you loves diving then don't miss Sipadan island. It is also known as heaven of divers. Before i complete this article i want to tell you that you can do diving all 12 months in Sipadan island but April to december is the best time to diving in Sipadan island.

Thanks for reading Sipadan Island best place for scuba diving.

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