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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Stonehenge : prehistoric monument in England

  Raj       Tuesday, 10 September 2013
Stonehenge Great prehistoric monument in England
      Most of People likes to enjoy their holidays in places where they can do entertainment. But there are too many travelers exists in the world who loves to visit historical monument or historical places of the world. Today in this article about Stonehenge I will tell you brief history of Stonehenge. Why tourists like to visit this prehistoric monument of England? I am sure that after reading this article of Stonehenge you must be dreaming to visit Stonehenge once in your life.
Stonehenge front view
Stonehenge front view

      Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument which is located in Wiltshire, England. Stonehenge is exactly located at 13 km north  of Salisbury and 3 km west of Amesbury. Do you know that Stonehenge is constructed in four stages. Stonehenge we look today is the final stage of Stonehenge which was constructed around 3500 years ago. But do you know that first stage of Stonehenge was constructed around 5000 years ago. For dig a massive circular henge or bank and ditch on Salisbury land Neolithic Briton used primitive tools which are made from antlers and deers.

Sunset in Stonehenge
Sunset in Stonehenge 
        As per  Archaeologist's opinion Stonehenge was built anywhere from 3000 BC to 2000 BC. First stone of Stonehenge was raised in between 2400 to 2200 BC  as per Radiocarbon Dating in 2008. It is proved that Stonehenge could have been a burial ground in beginning of construction of Stonehenge as per evidence founded by Stonehenge Riverside project in year of 2008. This historical site is  Place of pilgrimage and religious significance. So it was the brief history of Stonehenge which is prehistoric monument of England and one of the great historical place of world. Now let us talk about what is the situation of Stonehenge today?

Sunset in Stonehenge
      Stonehenge is one of the famous historical site of the world as well as historical site of England. Around 700,000 - 800,000 visitors came here every year for see the beauty of Stonehenge. Among all tourists, many tourists like to visit this region's numerous other Neolithic and Bronze Age marvels. Do you know that Stonehenge is listed in UNESCO'S register as world's heritage site in 1986. Today tourists can not go into the circle of stones but only see the attraction from outside. Also tourists love to visit Stonehenge and more interested to know the history of Stonehenge.   

     So friends it was all about Stonehenge which i know. If you don't yet visited this historical place then don't waste your time and plan a trip to Stonehenge. Really it is an awesome place for those people who likes heritage sites and interested in History and mystery of historical places. I hope this article about Stonehenge was helpful to you. If you know more than described here then feel free to comment here. Stay in touch and follow us via email for information about more places in your mailbox. Have a nice day.

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