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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Buckingham Palace in London, United Kingdom

  Raj       Sunday, 28 February 2016
Buckingham Palace is the home of England's Queen. Buckingham Palace is the official London residence. It is also used for administrative work. Buckingham Palace is the administrative headquarters of the monarch. The queen and The Duke edinbrough live in the private rooms at the north side of the palace. Queen and Duke are not the only royal person who live in Buckingham Palace. Other members of the royal family also live in that palace. Other members live in the upper floor rooms at the north and east side of Buckingham Palace. Household staff uses ground floor and south wing of the Palace.
Buckingham Palace

Court Ceremonies are done at the principal state rooms. Main west block of the Buckingham palace facing the garden is occupied by official entertaining activities. Approximately over 50,000 visitors came to the Buckingham Palace as a guest. Too many receptions held at Buckingham palace. Among them The diplomatic reception is the main diplomatic social event of the year at London. It is the largest reception among all the receptions which are held at Buckingham palace. Approximately from 130 countries, over 1500 people are invited to this diplomatic reception.
Buckingham Palace

 Royal Collection is also available at the Buckingham Palace. Queen Victoria was the first queen of the United Kingdom who lived in the Buckingham Palace. All the royal ceremonies are organized at the Buckingham Palace. From small lunches to mega receptions are held in this Buckingham Palace. Hope that this information about Buckingham Palace is useful to you.

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