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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tips to manage your work without worrying about your hotel stay

  Raj       Tuesday, 18 March 2014
You don’t just go and stay in a hotel. You stay in a hotel because you are out of your home town. Why you go out of town? For work. If you go for work you have to complete the work within the given deadlines. If you don't, you have to stay back. Staying back makes you pay more hotel bills.
So, what should you do to avoid worrying about hotel stay? Finish work fast, right? And how do you finish work fast?
Well, here are a few tips to answer your above queries. Read on-

1)    Corporate stay rates of the hotel
The hotels offer special rates for those who travel for work or business. These are discounts on the usual rates meant for the business travelers to make their trip easier and give discounts on their next trip or on the recent bill. When you travel to a particular place more than once and you have to stay in a hotel, you worry about the hotel bills. Corporate discount rates can answer one of your worries.

2)    Time management 
Time management
When you go out of town for work, you would worry about finishing the work and returning back as soon as possible. For completing the work on time, you must learn the trick of time management.
  •  Know your goals and deadlines.
  • Work according to the pattern list you made to finish work in time.
  • Prioritize your work to know the importance of each work.
  • Create a checklist.
  • Try to do multi-tasking.

3)    Planning
Make schedules and to do lists for your entire trip. Plan your days. Focus on your deadlines and plan your work within it. Try not to extend your dates by productive planning of your stay.

4)    Keep track of your progress
Marking on the tasks that you finished will make you feel relieved and relaxed. You will know which work is completed and which is left next. Completing your daily targets will give you a sense of accomplishment and will boost your motivation.

5)    Relax
Do not stress yourself too much. Working too hard or worrying too much can cause distress. Pressure will make you panic and will lower your efficiency. Take some time out for you to relax. Indulge in some play to re- energize your working spirits. Take breaks in between to improve efficiency and regain your energy. Work hard, but feel light.

6)    Sleep 6-8 hours at night
Avoid working at night. Do not sacrifice your night sleep as it is much needed for your body to work normally. A good night sleep will make you alert and active the next morning. You will be motivated and ready for the coming tasks of the day to complete them on time. Try to finish as much work as possible in the day to get your evenings and nights free for some rest.

7)    Book in a good hotel
If you are traveling abroad for work, you need a good environment. After all the work is done, one needs a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Choosing a good luxury hotel can help you get the rest after the stressful working hours.

8)    Inquire about rates and discounts in advance
To avoid worrying about what will be the bill after you check out, you must check and confirm about the hotel rates and discounts. Hotel packages with flight booking can be found online or through a travel agent.

9)    Privilege of room service
Take advantage of your hotel room service. Order food in your room or go and eat out for a change in environment. Ask for room service for cleaning up the room and to refill all the essentials. Room services are complimentary and in many hotels breakfast comes complimentary too. Enjoy the free services and don't bother about working any bit for the room after the stressful working.

10)    Ask for corporate discounts
The hotels offer a satisfying 10% discount for the corporates. These can be applicable on your recent bill or your next bill. Request for the recent discounts as you would not want to pay more even once. The special rates for corporates can be of a great help to avoid worrying about your hotel stay along with the workload.

So now, manage your work and don't worry about your hotel stay!

By Priyanka Kamble


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