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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Top Tourist Attractions in Hyderabad

  Raj       Saturday, 28 June 2014
 Hyderabad is a capital city of Andhra Pradesh and one of the metro cities of India. Hyderabad is developing as IT Hub. But apart from IT Industries Hyderabad has very good places for tourism. Hyderabad is a well known tourist place of India. Here I will tell you about famous tourist attractions of Hyderabad. Let us start with the famous monument of India Char Minar which is located in Hyderabad.

1. Char Minar
    Char Minar is located at Khilwat, Hyderabad. Char Minar is not famous only in Hyderabad but it is among famous historical places of India. Char Minar in Hyderabad has equal importance like Taj Mahal In Agra. people from various places came here to see just Char Minar. In structure of char minar there is four towers and because of that it is named as "char minar" which is translation of English word four towers. Char Minar increases the beauty of Hyderabad. There is a great Historical Story of char minar which you can read at History of Char Minar.

2. Golconda Fort
Golconda Fort

   Golconda Fort is also known as Golkonda fort or Golla Konda Fort. Golconda Fort is situated at 11 KM west of Hyderabad city. It is a ruined fort of South India and is capital of Golconda Sultanate.Light and Sound Show of Golconda Fort is very famous in Hyderabad. It is one of the famous forts of India. People from very far distances came here to see Golconda Fort in Hyderabad. It derives too many visitors every year and plays important role in Hyderabad Tourism.

3. Gandipet (Osman Sagar)
Osman Sagar

   Gandipet is an artificial lake in Hyderabad city which is popularly known as osman sagar. People of Hyderabad like to spend their evening at this beautiful lake Gandipet or we can say it Osman Sagar. In past this reservoir had served drinking water for people of Hyderabad. But due to increase of population it is not serving drinking water now.  Osman Saga (Gandipet) is a famous tourist attraction  of Hyderabad. After rainy season and in rainy season this lake filled with water and people enjoy their evening at this beautiful lake. its amusement parks and resorts are famous as tourist spots. If you go to Hyderabad in holidays then don't forget to go at Osman Sagar.

4. Ramoji Film City
Ramoji Film City

  You might have heard about Ramoji Film City because it is the world's largest film city. Ramoji Film City is located at Anaspur Village of hyderabad and it covers around 1666 Acres area. Too many films are made at Ramoji Film city. It is famous among tourists and it derives too much traffic every year. I suggest you to must take a visit of Ramoji Film city if you go to Hyderabad.

    So friends above are the top 4 tourist attractions of Hyderabad. Don't think that Hyderabad has only 4 places for tourists. There are too many places which are famous among tourists about which i will tell you in next articles. Have a nice day.

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