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Valvan Dam and Valvan Lake in Lonavala

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Valvan Dam and Valvan Lake are the perfect place to enjoy picnics in weekend with your family. These two places are located in beautiful hill station Lonavala. In Maharashtra, Lonavala is the best place to enjoy holidays. there are too many places to visit in lonavala and too many things to do for enjoy your Holidays in Lonavala. Here in this post I will tell you about Valvan Dam and Valvan Lake of Lonavala. 
Valvan in Lonavala

Valvan Dam is surrounded with beautiful greenery. It is a perfect place to spend your evening if you are in lonavala. Kundali river is the resource for water in Valvan dam and then it supplies water to the Khopoli Power station which is run by Tata Power for generating Electricity at foothills of Sahyadris.  Specially in monsoon people just love to spend their time around Valvan Dam in Lonavala. if you are planning to visit lonavala with your family then don't miss to visit Valvan Dam because it is one of the beautiful places of Lonavala. Valvan Dam has also a garden in base which makes perfect your picnics.
Valvan Dam

Valvan Lake is an artificial lake near Valvan Dam. It is built across the Kundali river. According to our surveys people are thinking that if you visit Valvan Lake and Valvan Dam in working days then you will enjoy a lot. In Working Days there will be  very less people so that you can enjoy the beauty and peace of Valvan Lake.
Valvan Lake

Valvan Lake and Valvan Dam are located in Valvan village 2 km from Lonavala Market. To reach at these places you can easily get a bus, auto or private vehicles on the route. So friends above are the information about Valvan Dam and Valvan Lake which are beautiful places of Lonavala. If you have visited these places and know more about then fill free to mention it in comments. Have a nice day.

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