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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Floating Market in Pattaya, Bangkok

  Raj       Sunday, 7 September 2014
Pattaya has world's largest floating market. For Tourists and Travelers, Pattaya Floating market is must visiting place.  Pattaya is located at Bangkok, Thailand. Every year too many tourists came in Thailand to enjoy their holidays. To all of the tourists of Thailand, I recommend you to must visit Pattaya and especially  Floating Market of Pattaya. It covers total 100,000 Square meters area. Pattaya Floating Market is divided in for sections each represents selling items of four major parts of Thailand (North, East, West and South).    

Pattaya Floating Market
In Floating Market, There are too many Food's shop, Art Galleries and Fruit Stalls. There are also a cultural show is organized every afternoon. In this Floating Market of Pattaya there are total 114 shops and water vendors who are selling thai foods and deserts. If you are in Pattaya and want to experience Floating Market then hire a man power boat to feel the beauty of Floating Market and riverside life. Typically Boat size at pattaya floating market is big enough for four people and can be hired in small fees for 30 minutes. 

Floating Market Pattaya
As i said above that there are plenty of thai food dishes and deserts available in Floating Market. If you like thai dishes then must eat it in floating market of pattaya. besides stalls and shops of foods floating market has also educational and entertaining attractions. beautiful and amazing carved images are placed at The Wood carving museum.  There is also daily free show for tourists which includes four cultural performances.don't miss agricultural and sunflower demonstration fields If photography is one of your hobbies.

I hope above information about pattaya floating market is helpful to everyone who has not visited it. I request the people who visited pattaya and enjoyed the riverside life of Floating market  to mention their experience over here which can be helpful to others. Have a nice day.

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