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Thursday, 18 June 2015

My list of 6 things to do in Santorini, Greece

  Raj       Thursday, 18 June 2015
Top 6 things to do in Santorini
The closet you can get to heaven is by visiting Greece! It is a country in Southeastern Europe consisting of thousands of islands. It attracts more than 22.5 million people each year owing to its surreal landscapes and breathtaking views. Pure nature, lively people, delicious cuisine, pleasant weather, amazing restaurants, splendid hotels are just some of the reasons what makes it a must-visit. Among the many islands, the island which looks like no less than magic is Santorini! If you are planning a visit to this beautiful island, here are six things which you must indulge in to make an unforgettable travel vacation.

1) Sunsets

Sunset in santorini
In the maddening rush of your city where you have little time to even breathe properly, watching a calming sunset sure is something you would have done only years ago. The sunsets in Santorini are one of their kinds. When the sun is sinking, it colors the whole sea in different shades of red, blue, yellow, orange, pink and what not! You can even avail Sunset cruises to elevate your experience. Holidays don’t always have to be expensive. has exclusive Makemytrip coupons for you to enjoy heavy discounts and additional cash back. 

2) Hiking

Hiking in Santorini

Skip the bus to travel between two villages but for an enthralling experience, choose hiking! The distance between two villages here is around 5-6 miles which means an easy hiking along with exploring it more. You will get to meet the locals and you might just end up knowing some gorgeous hidden places. Plus the view will be very different from what you would have seen on internet. Do ensure to carry the essentials with you before starting on it.

3) Kamari Village
Kamari Village

Yes! It’s probably on your list but here are more reasons for you to get excited about vising it. Kamari village is center of tourist attraction since it is a beautiful small island. Walk along the super markets, lay at the beach, get a gorgeous tan under the sun, hire car/bikes for a small trip and visit cafes! There’s so much to do here! What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and leave for the earliest flight at lowest rates using Goibibo coupons available on There’s no guarantee for tomorrow!

4) Walking

Walking in Santorini
Get your comfy clothes on and take a walk from Fira to Oia. You will literally find your life blessed. You will come across the houses of locals here, flowers sprinkled on roads, cute little cafes and the view from the hill is spectacular. It can be a romantic walk with your spouse or an extra relaxing walk with yourself only. You don’t always need someone to enjoy life. This walk will pretty much take a half day but it sure will be worth that time. If you can’t picture yourself taking this long a walk, take a thirty minutes short walk in the evening from Firostephani to Fira.

5) Wine Testing

Wine Testing
Relaxation is holding a glass of wine, air gently breezing through your hair locks and having a stunning view to enjoy and calm your soul. Santorini is known for producing some of the best wine and getting to enjoy it seated at a terrace is an unmatchable experience. You can even learn about the wine making traditions here.

6) Sailinig

Sailing in Santorini

Again, something not to be missed! Take full advantage of Santorini's mesmerizing landscape by going sailing and witnessing it at large. The sun rays kissing your face, salty air brushing your hair and scrumptious food accompanying you will make your trip a delight!  

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