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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Top 5 Gardens in Ahmedabad

  Raj       Sunday, 12 July 2015
Hello everyone, All of us know that Garden plays big role in our regular life. Some of us use gardens for morning walk and Jogging, Some people use these gardens for exercise and Yoga, Children use these Gardens for playing badminton, Volleyball, Cricket and Football, Some couples spend their time in the garden. There are many more uses of garden in our regular life. So if you are in Ahmadabad don't know which garden is the best then don't worry about this. Here in this post i am going to describe information about Top 5 Gardens in Ahmedabad

There are lots of Gardens in Ahmedabad, among all of them i will mention about only those gardens which are most popular in Ahmedabad.

1) Law Garden
Law Garden in Ahmedabad

This Garden is named after the college of law situated near the Garden. It is located at Netaji Road, Ellisbridge Ahmedabad. Local people of this area sell the handicraft goods and snacks at this Garden. Law Garden is famous for its morning Walk and Snacks. From Chaiwala to Pawbhaji Larri all sacks is sold by the local people. Amdavadi people like this garden most among all the gardens. 

2) Vastrapur Lake Garden
Vastrapur Lake Garden

This garden is one of the newly developed gardens of Ahmedabad. It is located at Vastrapur lake near Mansi Circle Ahmedabad. Vastrapur Lake Garden is surrounded by Shops, Hospitals, Residential area and many more things. This garden is famous for Chai and Pawha in early morning. Many people come here in early morning for the breakfast. 

Vastrapur Lake Garden
3) Prahlad Nagar garden 

Prahlad nagar Garden
Prahlad Nagar garden is located on Prahlad Nagar Road near SG Highway. When this garden was built it was one of the famous gardens of Ahmedabad. But nowadays maintenance of this garden is  not done properly. And it's not that much popular in Ahmadabad. Still this garden is very good for Morning Walk and Night walk for those people who live near to this garden. Children can enjo the most at this garden.

4) Parimal Garden

Parimal Garden
It is not developed as much as Vastrapur lake garden and other gardens but it is one of the Oldest Gardens of Ahmedabad. This garden is witness of thousands of fitness freaks in morning and evening. Environment is very peaceful at this Garden. 

5) AUDA Garden

Auda Garden
AMC(Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation) and AUDA(Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority) has developed many gardens in various areas of Ahmedabad which are known as Auda Gardens. These Gardens are located in many areas of Ahmedabad. Now Amdavadi people need not to go far from their home to spend their time in Gardens. This becomes true just because of AUDA Gardens in Ahmedabad. 

So friends, above all are the information about top 5 gardens in Ahmedabad. I hope this information is helpful to you. You can give your reviews about these gardens in comment box. Have a nice day. 

Thanks for reading Top 5 Gardens in Ahmedabad

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