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India gate in New Delhi

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India Gate , National Monument of India at New Delhi

If you have already visited Delhi then you must visited this national monument of India. But do you know history behind India Gate? Do you know the importance of India Gate? Here i am going to tell you brief history of India Gate as well as how much it is important for all the people of our country India and why?
India Gate at new Delhi

India Gate is situated at end of Rajpath. If you want be relaxed in the evening of summer then in New Delhi India gate is the perfect place. It is also famous for picnic spot in winters. so apart from historical importance it is also a very great place for the people of Delhi. It has height of 42 meters. India Gate is originally known as All India War Memorial. Reason for giving this name to India Gate is that it is built in memory of those 82,000 soldiers who became martyr in world war I for our Country India. Due to all those soldiers who sacrificed their life for pride of India it is also known as Amar Javan Jyoti and Tomb of All Soldiers. 
India Gate

India Gate was constructed in 1921. Edwin Lutyens was the designer of India Gate. India is written on wall of India Gate with bold encrypted letters. If you will notice carefully then on both walls, name of all the soldiers are written who sacrificed their lives for our country India. So this place is also known for its patriotic feelings.   

So friends, above all information is about India Gate of New Delhi. I hope this information is helpful to everybody. If you have already visited this place then must share your experience about India Gate in the comment box. If you think that i have missed something important information about India Gate in this post then feel free to mention it in comment box. have a nice day.

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