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Saturday, 4 June 2016

A memorable Trip to Imagica

  Raj       Saturday, 4 June 2016
From 14th May to 15th May 2016 i had visited Imagica and aquamagica with my friends. Actually we were thinking about this trip since last 2 months and finally we had decided to go Imagica. Our journey started at 13th May 2016 from Ahmedabad Junction(Kalupur). We departed from Ahmedabad for Mumbai at 11:30 PM. Next morning we reached to Mumbai at 6:00 am. From Mumbai we had hired a tempo traveler for next 2 days. 
Random Pic in route of Mumbai to Lonavala
We departed from Mumbai at 7:00 am for Lonavala. We enjoyed a route of Mumbai to Lonavala with gossips and music. We had taken a hault in between Mumbai and Lonavala for breakfast. Misal Pav and Vada pav was very tasty. we reached at lonavala at 10:00 am. We got only 2 rooms instead of 4 rooms at that time due to 1 hour early check in at Hotel Lonavala.

Group Photo at Imagica
Group Photo at Imagica

We left hotel for Aquamagica around at 11:00 am. We entered into Aquamagica at 1:00 PM. In beginning we had to wait too much for rides. till 3:30 pm we had completed only 2 rides. But among those 2 rides Swirl Whirl was paisa vasool ride. after that ride we actually started real enjoyment at water park. waiting time was also reduced in other rides compare to first 2 rides. wave pool was just awesome. we enjoyed a lot in wave pool. Twisty Turvy ride was also too good. I did not go in loopy-woopy but actually it was the most thrilling ride of Water Park. we were in water park till 7:00 PM. After that we departed for Lonavala. everybody was hungry because we forgot to take lunch while enjoying in water park. After dinner we had decided to go tiger point. We reached at tiger point around at 1:00 am. actually its not a good place for families and groups so we get back to hotel because we will have to go Imagica on next day.

Nitro Roller Coaster

Scream Machine
Next morning we woke up early and after breakfast we departed for Imagica. We reached there at 11:00 am. We had decided that we will finish outdoor rides first and then during noon time we will finish theme parks. our decision was correct because in noon temperature was too high so its good to finish outdoor rides in morning.

Gold Rush

We started from Nitro roller coaster. It was very much thrilling. After that we went in scream-machine. When we were in queue and saw this ride we thought that its too dangerous. but when we actually went in this ride we realize that its not  that much dangerous that we thought. its most thrilling ride of imagica. safety system of all rides was perfect. After Scram machine we went in dare 2 drop and Gold Rush rides.  after these four outdoor thrilling rides we took a break and eat Baraf Gola.

Lake view of Imagica
After that we started theme parks. We completed I for India, Cinema 360- Prince Of The Dark Waters, Deep Space, Mr. India, Rajasaurus River Adventure and Salimgarh theme parks. Deep space was unexpected indoor roller coaster. Mr. India and  Rajasaurus River Adventure theme park was also too good.  After that we saw a pared at Imagica. At 6:30 PM we left Imagica for Mumbai. After having dinner we departed from Mumbai for Ahmedabad at 11:00 PM.

This trip was beyond our exceptions. We enjoyed a lot. If you have not visited Imagica yet then don't think too much its must visit destination. Imagica Badi Interesting Jagah Hai!


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  1. Hey, Raj thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience. this will help me in my next trip to Imagica.