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Indroda Nature Park in Gandhinagar

By Raj Thakkar  |  Saturday, April 14, 2018 1 comment

If you look for places to visit in Gandhinagar or Best Places for hangout or picnic you will not find much places in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. But Indroda Park is one of those places which you can consider to visit in winter or monsoon. Not suggested in summer.

It is Located on J Road very near to Infocity (Approx. 2 Km.).

People should spend approximately 2-4 hours at this Park. Here in this article i have given little information about best places to see in Indroda Nature Park.

Best Attractions of Indroda Nature Park

Dinosaur Park:

This is one of the best area in Indroda Park for photography. There are various statues of dinosaurs available on beautiful locations. Statue of Hippopotamus and Crocodile are also there. You may take selfies or pictures with these statues of Dinosaurs. check below few pictures of mine at Indroda Dinosaur Park.

Dinosaur Park at Indroda park

Crocodile Statue at Indroda Park

Statue of Hippopotamus

Botanical Garden

It's a very huge garden and one of the best places for photography with different trees and flowers.

Botanical Garden

peacock at Indroda nature park


A small zoo is established in this park. You can see various snakes and birds in this Zoo. Leopard is one of the best animals to see in Zoo at Indroda Park.

Leopard at indroda park

Entry Fees at Indroda Nature Park

1) For Visitors

  • Up to  5 years - Free
  • 5-12 years - Rs. 15/-
  • Above 12 years - Rs. 30/-
  • Students from School/Colleges - Rs. 8/-
  • members of GEER Foundation - Free

2) For Vehicles

  • Two Wheeler - Rs. 15/-
  • Four Wheeler - Rs. 30/-
  • Heavy Vehicles  from school/colleges - Rs. 90/-
  • Heavy Vehicles Private - Rs. 120/-

3) Fees for Film shooting

  • first 4 hours of the day - Rs. 6000/-
  • more than four hours of the day  - Rs. 12000/-

 I hope all above information is helpful to you. If you have liked it then don't forget to share with your best buddies over social media. have a nice day.

Author: Raj Thakkar

Raj Thakkar is a Blogger (By Choice) from Bhuj.He has completed his B.Tech. CE from Ganpat University. He is addicted to web development.

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