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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Places to visit in Kutch

  Raj Thakkar       Thursday, 31 May 2018
Kutch is popular district of Gujarat for tourism. Kutch is largest district of Gujarat. It includes too many beautiful and historical places. Every year too many tourists visit the kutch and enjoy their holidays in kutch. Here in this post i will tell you about places which are famous and most visited.

Here you will get all the information about places to visit in Kutch. Why people love to visit Kutch? Why these places are famous for tourism?

Beautiful Places to visit in kutch

Kalo Dungar
Kalo Dungar
Kalo Dungar

          You might have heard about kalo dungar. It is a very beautiful hill station in Kutch. Kalo dungar is also known as black hill. This place is located at the border of India just 20 Km from khavda. From top of the kalo dungar you can see the great Rann of Kutch. If you are unaware about this thing then i am sure you will think that it is an ocean. But actually it is a white desert. As i said that it is located at border of India. You can see the Indian bridge from kalo dungar.
For those people who love to visit natural sites kalo dungar is the best place. On this black hill there is a temple of Dattatrey god. At the top of kalo dungar you can feel the peace of mind. It is a very peaceful, beautiful place. Apart from beauty of kalo dungar let me tell you that it is little danger place. Road of kalo dungar is worst. In festivals there is a huge traffic on this road and little accidents also occur. So if you will plan for kalo dungar then higher experienced driver otherwise you have to face problems.
So it is all about Kalo dungar. As per my experience it is such a beautiful place and you should visit this place just once in your life.

Vijay vilas palace in Mandvi
Vijay Vilas Palace
Vijay Vilas Palace

Mandvi is the most popular place in kutch for tourists. In mandvi tourists like to visit Shyamji Krishna varma memorial, Are-bean Sea, and Vijay Vilas palace. Here i will tell you about vijay vilas palace of Mandvi. It is a historical place of kutch and built in 1929 by red sandstone by maharaja khengargi III. Today this place is only used for Gujarat tourism. Sometimes it is also used for shooting in Bollywood films. Blockbuster film Hum Dil de chucke Sanam was shoot in Vijay Vilas palace. Vijay Vilas palace is deriving highest traffic among all places of kutch. After visiting Vijay Vilas palace Tourists also like to visit Beach of Mandvi.

Prag mahal In Bhuj

        Bhuj is main city of Kutch. In bhuj there are too many places to see like prag mahal, aina mahal, Hill garden, Swaminarayan temple etc. Here i will tell you brief description of prag mahal.
Prag Mahal
Prag Mahal
        Prag Mahal is constructed in 19th century. In 1865 construction of prag mahal was started by Rao Pragmalji bija and completed in 1879. Prag mahal was constructed in Italian style and its total cost is around 3 million rupees. Every year too many tourists come here to see prag mahal. Main hall of Prag mahal is decorated with beautiful animals. Darbar Hall of Prag mahal is decorated with classical statues. I also visited this place and it is such a beautiful place.

Aina mahal in Bhuj
Aina Mahal
Aina Mahal

       Aina Mahal is located just opposite to the prag mahal. It is constructed in 18th century. Rao Lakhpatji constructed Aina mahal in 1761.Construction of Aina Mahal was done in Indo-European Style. Now this palace becomes museum for tourists. People come here to see the paintings and royal things. If you are interested in historical and royal places then Aina Mahal is such a wonderful place for you.
So friends here i told you about some places of Kutch which are very popular among tourists. I also suggest you to visit kutch in your holidays and you will enjoy a lot in kutch trip. People say about kutch that "Kutch Nahi dekha to kuch nahi dekha". And believe me you will also tell the same thing after visiting kutch. Have a nice day.


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